Student Clubs and Resources

Students in Health Care Management enjoy a wide variety of experiences while at Appalachian. Health Care Management students take such courses as Health Law, Economics, and Ethics. (See the Programs of Study.)  Then the junior or senior internship is done in many local businesses and agencies (Some students do arrange rotations near home.) Learn more about internships. 

Our professors are engaged in active research programs and regularly invite undergraduate students to participate with them. 

Many activities outside classes are available starting with the very active Future Health Care Executives. The Future Health Care Executives provides students the opportunity to meet and hear form local health care executives and to become engaged in the local health care community. Volunteer opportunities are available in the local community. Not only are many clubs, including FHE, active in the community, but an entire office on campus, Appalachian Community Together (ACT) houses and directs many volunteer opportunities and learning experiences in the local community, across the country and around the world. Many sports at the inter-collegiate, intramural, and club level, are also available. And, of course, in the heart of North Carolina Appalachian country are any number of outdoor activities year round including hiking, skiing, and biking. The Appalachian experience is a wide-ranging and active one.

Future Health Care Executives

ASU's Health Care Management program is further enhanced by an enthusiastic, active student club, called Future Healthcare Executives (FHE). The club has a three-fold mission:


Scholoarship opportunities are availalbe to both undergraduate and graduate students. Through the establishment of scholarships and endowments, donors support the efforts of students in the College of Health Sciences. Students are encouraged to also check with department chairs and program coordinators regarding regional, state and national opportunities.

Career Development

As one of the largest sectors of US enterprise, health care offers multitudes of opportunities for young adults who are looking for a career that affords professional challenges, advancement potential, diversity, and personal satisfaction derived from service to others.