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Healthcare Management Program Ranked 2nd

25 Best Bachelors Degrees BadgeAppalachian State's undergraduate Healthcare Management program was ranked 2nd in the nation in 2019 by Bachelor's Degree Center

About the Health Care Management Program

Rapid advances in the health care industry demand that health care organizations and providers seek leaders who are bold, innovative and visionary while possessing tried-and-true management skills. The Health Care Management (HCM) program prepares such leaders. The HCM program uses a theory to practice model which combines foundation business courses with a variety of specialized courses providing knowledge and understanding of the health care industry. With this strong curriculum, led by experienced faculty, graduates of the HCM program are prepared for challenging management positions in a variety of health care organizations.

The HCM degree program was established in the Walker College of Business in 1972 in response to demands from health providers in North Carolina and surrounding areas for managers with solid business skills and knowledge of the uniqueness of the health care industry. Beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year, the HCM program is now located in the new Beaver College of Health Sciences. ASU's HCM program has demonstrated a remarkable reputation for producing graduates who assume key leadership positions in their organizations, and make valuable contributions to the health care delivery systems within their communities. This extensive network of alumni serve throughout North Carolina and beyond in various health care sectors including, hospitals and health systems, medical practice management, long term care, insurance, the pharmaceutical industry, consulting and public service.

The HCM program has a degrees for both undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduate students earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) with a major in Health Care Management. Graduate students earn a Master of Health Administration (MHA) with a specialization in leadership or information systems.

Research Spotlight

Elizabeth McGrady

From Hot Ashes to a Cool Recovery - Reducing Risk by Acting on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Lessons Learned

In this 2012 paper published in the journal Home Health Care Management and PracticeDr. Elizabeth McGrady, FACHE of the Department of Nutrition and Health Care Management and her colleague Dr. Sandra Blanke, CISSP discuss the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery planning well in advance of a disaster.

Student Involvement