From Hot Ashes to a Cool Recovery - Reducing Risk by Acting on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Lessons Learned

Building on FireIn this 2012 paper published in the journal Home Health Care Management and PracticeDr. Elizabeth McGrady, FACHE of the Department of Nutrition and Health Care Management and her colleague Dr. Sandra Blanke, CISSP discuss the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery planning well in advance of a disaster. While the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) of Texas experienced a devastating fire, the agency continued operations without interruption and met the needs of all patients. The agency’s ability to continue operations was possible because this agency had planned for disaster and had a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Still there were lessons learned. This case provides an opportunity for other agencyies to review the eight lessons learned in this case and apply them to their own organizations. Home health care organizations that fully support the culture of creating and maintaining a business continuity and disaster recovery plan will recover more quickly and be positioned to provide services to their patients without interruption. The article is available at SagePub.

Elizabeth McGrady
Published: Jan 16, 2013 3:54pm